Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Where do I leave my bucket during the week?

A. You can keep your bucket in the corner of your kitchen or on your porch.

Q. I know that compost piles attract pests, how will you keep them out of the bucket?

A. Our buckets come with an “easy off” and very tight fitting sealable lid that keeps pests, household pets, and small children out while keeping odors in.

Q. I keep my 5 gallon bucket outside. I collect daily food scraps in a re – purposed 6 quart Tupperware type container that I keep near my sink/prep counter in my kitchen. In warm weather the container attracts fruit flies. How can I discourage them?

A. Try wrapping your fruit and vegetable peelings in a plain brown kraft bag before you put them in your “kitchen container”. This will discourage the fruit flies from landing on the fresh material and also provides a good mix of 'green' and 'brown' material when it gets to the compost bin.

Q. How do I know if an item that’s not on the list is compostable?

A. The Rule of Thumb is if it grows, it’s compostable. Feel free to call or email us with your questions.

Q. Can I put food scraps with my grass and leaves?

A. It depends. The risk might be that you’ll run out of room before the week ends. The best solution is to place yard waste in a separate bag and then combine at the end of the week if there’s room.

Q. What if I go out of town?

A. No problem. You are not required to bring your bucket each week. Your schedule is entirely up to you.

Q. Can I try the service out for a month, or do I have to sign up for a whole season?

A. Yes, you can pay month to month. Once you feel comfortable, you can then pay for the rest of the season, if desired. Also remember, you can save up to $5 if you sign up for the entire season during the first month that the farmers markets are open..

Q. How do I cancel the service if I am not happy with it?

A. Cancelation is quick. Next trip to your farmer’s market simply turn in your bucket and tell us you wish to end your membership.

 Q. Can I share a container with a neighbor? Both of us like the idea but do not produce very much food waste each week.

A. Sure. The fee would be the same.

Q. Can I buy compost from you?

A: Absolutely! Check out our sister company, Innovative Organics Recycling to purchase compost by the bucket, the yard, or wholesale!

Q. Can I use compost as mulch?

A. Compost makes ideal mulch in that it helps retain moisture. It also provides nutrients so it's important to place compost in and around plants such that they don't get harmed by having too much of the good stuff. Mulch is the best way to go if you are after a certain look or want to help retain water for the plant.