Ray Leard  - Chief Composter

Ray Leard - Chief Composter

My name is Ray Leard from Athens, Ohio. In 2012 I opened The Compost Exchange; a Class II Ohio EPA licensed composting facility in Athens. One of the many ways we were successful in diverting over 5,000 pounds/week of organic food waste away from the local overcrowded land fill was a booth I operated for two years at the Athens Farmers Market.

In 2015 I sold that facility to the Athens/Hocking Recycling Centers, Inc. and am now starting a similar operation in the Columbus region having been accepted at several Farmers Markets.

Our Vision

To offer the residents of the Columbus region with a service of food waste diversion by establishing food waste “drop off centers” at a wide variety ofconvenient locations including area farmers markets and other high traffic public locations.

To close the recycling loop by establishing relationships with the regions’ urban farmers and community gardens by providing them with the organic materials collected at these various drop off “centers”.

Our Promise

To lead the effort towards achieving Zero Waste in Central Ohio, working to improve and preserve the quality of our water, air, and soil for everyone now and in the future.

We look forward to earning your business!

Ray Leard – Chief Composter