Summer Solution

I manage two of the five drop off booths each week (Dublin on Sat’s & Whole Foods Market on Sun’s), so I am able to hear members comments - likes and dislikes. One thing they definitely need a solution to is the pool of funky smelling liquid that some weeks appears underneath the filled liner. This is caused by the rapid breaking down of the food scraps caused by the high and persistent temps during these warmer months. The other thing that happens (for the same reason) is that the liner starts to degrade as well - and leaks DO start to appear - this occurs in hot temps after about 3 weeks.

An easy solution that will eliminate both issues is to simply freeze the food scraps during the week. Then, On the drop off day, the scraps are placed into the bucket and brought to our booths - no funky liquid, no risk of liners falling apart, no smells AT ALL. The one variable preventing some members from trying this trick is having the freezer space. In that case, try freezing the scraps from the first 2 - 3 days and then placing the rest in the fridge.

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Ray Leard, Chief Composter