Food Waste Vs. Wasted Food

Each week our teams collect over 5000 pounds of food scraps generated from area residents. At our drop off booths (weekends) members bring their food scraps to one of our 6 drop off booths. If they are curbside composting members, we go to their homes and collect their food scraps. On those same days I take these materials to our composting facility and place them onto a large concrete pad after which I add wood chips, horse manure and some leaves to start the magic that results in the creation of nutrient rich compost.

I get to see what is mostly food scraps - non edible banana peels, coffee grounds and chicken bones. I also notice about 5% - 10% that is entirely usable - ripe bananas just screaming to be used to make banana bread or frozen for making smoothies, or celery hearts, carrots and onions that could be easily made into a great veggie broth.

Think about this fact - Of the 150,000 tons (that’s tons not pounds) of food waste land-filled last year, in Franklin County about 10,000 of those tons should have/could have been used to make some tasty meals. We just need the tools. With that said, check out our web site under the “All About Compost” tab - look for Reducing Food Waste At Home.

All the Best!

Ray Leard