Be in the Moment

Think about this fact. Every time we prepare a meal or clear the plates after a meal we have the opportunity to create a locally produced natural resource that not only has value in itself but creating it actually helps improve our air, water and soil. It does not matter where our food comes from. What does matter is the moment where we are scraping those plates of peeling that banana, we can either create what - at that moment - becomes a locally produced natural resource or add to the 150,000 tons of food scraps that go into our landfill every year. It does not matter in the least that the lettuce was grown in California or the orange grown in Florida. What does matter is that at that critical moment we decide it’s worth the small amount of time, effort and mental awareness to choose recycling those food scraps over landfilling them when we decide where to toss these materials. At that very moment we are the creators of our own destiny.