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Welcome Powell Composters!! See Details below

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1. Signing Up

Individual Household -$16/month or $54/4 month cycle

Team - 2 - 4 households at $40 per household/4 month cycle

Super Team - 5 or more households at $34 per household/4 month cycle

The Compost Exchange currently serves a variety of Central-Ohio neighborhoods (see image to right for full list).

If we don't currently operate in your area, send us an email to and also check out our Drop-Off Composting services to see which location is closest to you! 

2. We deliver a bucket System to your doorstep

After you sign up, we'll deliver a freshly cleaned 5-gallon bucket right to your house, apartment, or condo loaded with our compostable plant based liner. We will also provide you with our handy Zero Food Waste Tool Kit which includes directions on how to use the liner system.

3. Filling your bucket

Each week place your compostable food scraps in the bucket: Fruits and Veggies, table scraps, moldy cheese, egg shells, coffee grounds, paper towels, and much more. Not sure what to compost? No need to memorize anything, the bucket has a full list of what you can and can't compost on it! Also, the fresher the food scraps, the better the compost, This means that your bucket does not need to be filled to swap it. Swapping every week or two is best.

4. Pick Up Day


On pick up day, remove the lid and tie the top of your liner into a knot. Place the tied liner back into the bucket and replace the lid. You are now ready to put out your bucket. Leave your bucket on your front porch or steps & we'll swap the liner for a fresh one. If you're away for a week or simply forget to put your bucket out one week, no worries, we'll just get it the next week! Note: the best compost comes from fresh food scraps - your bucket does not need to be full to set out and putting out your bucket weekly or at most every two weeks is best.

5. Compost Rewards


Members who renew for additional 4 month cycles receive (by request) a 7 pound bucket of our Ohio EPA certified compost.

6. Your Effort Counts

Your effort to recycle what we consider to be a locally produced natural resource really matters. Last year the combined effort of all TCE members resulted in the recycling of over 250,000 pounds of food scraps. By not going to our land fill, your effort helped prevent the creation of 62.5 tons of CO 2 equivalent methane - a greenhouse gas that is 25 times more harmful to the air we all breathe than carbon dioxide.

Welcome Powell Composters!!

The Powell Curbside Composting program is now open!

The program will be rolled out over the next 12 months to include two specific areas of service - details are presented below. Pick Up Service in area #1 will begin Sept. 18. Pick up service in area # 2 will begin on April 1, 2020.

Boundaries for each area are presented here:

Area # 1: 315 on the east, Home Rd on the north, County Line on the south, Sawmill Rd on the west - including Golf Village on the north end.

Area # 2 (starts April 1, 2020) Sawmill Rd on the east, Hyatts Rd on the north, County Line on the south, Rt 257 on the west.

Your 3 subscription options are listed above. Forming a Super Team saves each member over 35%! - As team captain get 4 or more of your immediate neighbors on your street to join as a a Super Team (a total of 5 households). Each Wednesday by 8 AM your teammates bring their compostable liner loaded buckets to your house. Later that day our truck swings by and leaves a new liner in each bucket. So Easy!

Please talk it up w/your neighbors, HOA members, Facebook and Next Door. We need participation to make this pilot a success!

Our Service Area Map

The Compost Exchange serves the areas highlighted in the map below. Not sure if your address is included? Email us at to inquire!



Here at The Compost Exchange, we believe in the power of teamwork. That's why we give extra benefits and reduced rates to those who sign up for our Curbside Compost program in Teams (groups of 2 - 4 households). The 4 month cycle rate for a team of 2 - 4 households is $40 per household.. *NEW! - Form a SuperTeam and SAVE even more - see details below located after instruction # 5.

Once you have at least 2 households who want to participate, here's how it works:

1. Pick a Team Captain & Team Name

Sign up as a Team. The captain collects payments from each team member and submits one payment online using their own credit card. (see chart below for pricing). The same process is used for renewals. Also, If the number of team members changes (let’s say next cycle your team grows to 3 members from 2), the amount charged would also change from $80 to $120. If your team grows from 3 members (a normal team) to 5 members (a super team), the amount charged would go from $120 ($40 each  x  3) to $170 ($34 each  x 5).

2. Select a Centralized Spot for the Compost Buckets

Pick one spot where all team members will place their bucket each week for pick-up. This could be a member's porch, curb or another central spot. 

3. Start Composting!

Once you sign up as a team, we'll deliver our liner loaded buckets to your selected spot that same week. Have any members on your team who aren't sure what to compost? No need to memorize anything, the bucket has a full list of what you can and can't compost on it!

4. Pick Up Day

On pick up day, leave your buckets at the teams' agreed upon location - usually the team captain's porch or curb - & we'll swap the liners for fresh ones. If some team members are away for a week or simply forget to put their bucket out - no worries - we'll just get it the next week! Note: the best compost comes from fresh food scraps - your buckets do not need to be full to set out. 

 5. Renewing memberships and other benefits

Because the payment process happens as a team (not individually) new members can only be added or subtracted when the entire team renews their membership. Also, each team member (upon request) receives a 7 pound portion of our EPA tested compost to give their garden a nice boost.

*Super Teams - when you get 5 or more neighbors to from what we call a Super Team, the rate drops to $34 per 4 month cycle (Almost 50% off the monthly rate). Please call or email Ray Leard to go over the details and get signed up: 740-249-5467 -


We do not offer refunds to team members who wish to no longer use the Curbside Compost service during their cycle. In the event a member does leave the service, the Team Captain is in charge of retrieving their bucket. The team captain is also responsible for communicating any changes in service to other team members (like changes in pick-up days due to snow days or holidays).