Composting saves money. Families reduce their garbage collection bills and municipalities save money on transporting and disposing of waste when organic materials are eliminated from the collection system.
— Penn State Extension

The average American family produces about 600 pounds of organic, recyclable materials each year. A simple change in how each household “manages” the disposal of these valuable resources can have a huge effect on our shared world – our soil, our water, and our air. Let’s face it, every day after peeling that banana or cleaning out the fridge, we place these organic materials somewhere – into a trash can to be taken to our already overcrowded landfill OR into a composting bucket to be made into healthy soil to grow food and flowers in our local gardens. 

The cost for either path is about the same. Right now most households are paying to have these valuable materials taken to the local landfill as part of their trash every week. By simply placing these materials into a composting bucket instead of the trash can – think about it, it takes the same effort -  we can do our part to make a huge difference in our shared quality of life. Let’s compost it!