Hello! Columbus Composters!

Curbside Composting is now part of The Compost Exchange

The Compost Exchange offers the residents of Columbus two ways to recycle their food waste - curbside composting (we come to your home) OR "drop off" composting (you come to us) - our drop off tents are located at several farmers' markets and Whole Foods Markets in the Columbus, Ohio area.  Our mission is to make it easy, convenient, and affordable for you to recycle the food scraps generated at your home.

2019 update: During the first 6 months of 2019 we collected, recycled and transformed 130,000 pounds of your food scraps.

The benefits include:

The prevention of 65,000 pounds of CO 2 equivalent methane

Same as not using 3331 gallons of gasoline

Same as having an extra 25 acres of pine trees absorbing CO2 for a year

Same as saving 1612 hours of electricity used by 1 average American home

To learn more about the many additional benefits associated with recycling your food scraps so they do not end up in our landfill check out the tabs across the top of this page.